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Jarred Freije - 12 Sports Athlete of the Week

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TOWN OF CONKLIN (WBNG) -- Susquehanna Valley junior quarterback Jarred Freije led the Sabers to a 42-0 victory against Chenango Valley on Saturday. 

"He really has that presence about him that he takes command of the offense," said Susquehanna Valley head coach Mike Ford. "He has good poise. It's hard to shake him." 

The Warriors found that out firsthand, as Freije avoided a sack and threw a touchdown pass on the run in Saturday's game. 

"Moving your feet all the time," said Susquehanna Valley junior quarterback/linebacker Jarred Freije. "Coach is teaching to move your feet a lot, so you're always ready to move, and push them away when you need to."

Both of Freije's TD passes went to fellow junior Daniel Matthews. 

"Me and [Matthews] communicate well," said Freije. "He's a very smart kid. He knows where the open spots on the field are. So, he finds them, and then I see him and just hit him."

"([Jarred and I have] been friends since we were really young and playing together since we were in Tomball," said Susquehanna Valley junior tight end/linebacker Daniel Matthews. 

Outside of football, Freije enjoys hunting and fishing, although, he may still be thinking about the pigskin. 

"I just like being outside where it's peaceful and calm," said Freije. "I can think and go through my head on what we need to do."

During the winter, Freije can be found on the basketball court. 

"[Basketball] keeps you in shape and gives you a lot of different aspects to all different sports, that you can combine in one to be a good player," said Freije.

His favorite sport is football. A game he fell in love with at six years old. 

"[I love football because] you can clean anyone's clock and not get penalized for it," said Freije. 

Now in his second season as the full-time quarterback, Freije continues to grow. 

"He came up and entered a playoff game as a true freshman," said Ford. "He just immediately seemed like he was a senior."

Ford added, "He kind of had the physique of a man in ninth grade, but his maturity level and just the ability to take a position like quarterback, which he previously did not play before ninth grade, he was always a running back, and grasp that, and learn from it, and improve on it each year has been nice to see."

Next up, the Sabers head to Maine-Endwell Friday night. Kickoff is set for 7 p.m. 

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