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Windsor Middle School Students giving back on 9/11

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Windsor Middle School Students are giving back to the first responders in the area as a 9/11 Day of Service. Students will also be packing care packages for solders who are serving overseas. 

On September 11, students will deliver cider and donuts to local first responders. They will also finish an ongoing collection and mail care packages to schedules overseas. Starting at 8 a.m .Monday morning students will travel on two separate buses to deliver to the State Troopers Barracks, the Sheriff's Office, the Recruiting office, the Army National Guard, the Binghamton Police and Fire Departments, Mental Health Clinic and the VA in Binghamton.

This project was developed by student organizers after researching what make a community strong this summer during the Windsor Strong Academy at Binghamton University’s Downtown Center. These students met with members of law enforcement and the military as part of their research.

Windsor Middle School received a grant from Youth Service America to help buy the donuts, cider, transportation and shipping costs of the care packages.

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