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Students go back to learning at the Johnson City Central School District

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JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) -- It's the end of summer vacation and back-to-school time for students returning to the Johnson City Central School District.

Approximately 600 students showed up for the first day of school at the Johnson City Primary School with their book bags on their backs and their lunch boxes in hand. Principals and teachers spent the summer preparing for this day with scheduling school activities and setting up improved teaching methods.

"Everybody is ready to stop with the planning and start with the teaching. We've been spending months getting the building ready, getting the teachers ready, all for today," said the J.C. Primary School Principal, Adam Bauchner.

The school's faculty says they want to create a better connection with the parents and the teachers. As they dropped off their children, the parents expressed how they are excited for this new year.

"I'm really just looking forward to seeing how he kind of gets settled in. It's been a long summer for him, so I'm looking forward to him really learning and engaging with his reading and writing skills," said Careef Solomon whose son, Tamir, is entering the second grade.

Many of the students showed their excitement as they rushed into the school from the buses, while others were a little nervous about their first day of kindergarten. However, they were all ready for the day.

"I got my new book bag. I got a matching lunch box. I love my teacher and I love going to second grade," said Xi'annah Shepherd as she was about to enter the building to start her first day.

Faculty and students say they are excited to take on this year's curriculum and activities.

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