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Owego native in Tampa: 'We lucked out'

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TAMPA, FL (WBNG) -- An Owego native who is currently in Tampa says he lucked out during Hurricane Irma Sunday night.

Michael Steflovich is currently attending the University of Tampa. He decided to stay through the hurricane after his flight was canceled. Steflovich worked the overnight shift at a hospital last night and says for the most part, the storm missed where he was.

"All the patients remained safe. The hospital suffered a little bit of wind damage. It was really trees, branches of trees just fell," said Steflovich. "Just a little bit of pounding out in the parking lot. No major flooding. No major wind damage. We really did luck out here."

Steflovich says by the time the storm got to Tampa, it was a weaker category 2 storm. He added the next step is to try and figure out how bad the damage is in his neighborhood.

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