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Jeremiah Allen - 12 Sports Athlete of the Week

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TOWN OF CHENANGO (WBNG) -- Chenango Forks running back Jeremiah Allen has announced his presence to Section IV with authority.

The junior has scored five touchdowns in two games, including four on Saturday against Owego. He also had an interception on defense against Maine-Endwell in the first game of the season.

Football is in Allen's genes, and he is Forks' next big thing at running back. 

"He just has great vision," said Chenango Forks senior tight end/defensive end Connor Borchardt. "He's got great patience. He knows when he needs to run someone over or if he needs to juke 'em out. He's the best running back in Section IV."

"He's getting better," said Chenango Forks head coach Dave Hogan. "He runs hard and he's got some speed, too. He doesn't seem to tire either, so that's another thing that's nice."

"I love running that ball," said Chenango Forks junior running back/linebacker Jeremiah Allen.

Allen is not only a talented footbal player, but also a fun guy to have in the locker room.

"He's awesome," said Borchardt. "He's one of my favorite guys on the team. I love being with Jeremiah. He's a great guy."

"He's the type of kid that if he messes up one little tiny thing in football or in the classroom or anything, everybody busts his tail, but it's all in good fun," said Hogan. "He loves it, too."

The Forks football community adores Allen as well, helping the junior take home 12 Sports' Social Star of the Week award on Sunday. 

"I love it all [the support]," said Allen. "Everyone is there for you. If you need them, they will be there for you."

Off the field, the most important part of Allen's life is his family. 

"It's everything," said Allen. "I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them."

He credits his brother - former New York State Player of the Year, Isaiah Zimmer - for teaching him the game of football. 

"[He taught me] mainly everything," said Allen.

"[They are similar] in their mannerisms, absolutely," said Hogan. "Very respectful. Very hard-working and things like that, but in terms of their ability to run the ball, they are different runners. Both very effective, just different." 

Allen doesn't forget about the guys blocking in front of him either. 

"He even rewards them with a special meal once he goes over a certain amount of yardage," said Hogan.

"O-line, they did a great job," Allen said following Saturday's victory against Owego. "KFC for them on Monday."

Allen and the Blue Devils take on rival Chenango Valley Friday night under the lights at Chenango Forks in 12 Sports' Game of the Week. 

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