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Grocery delivery app launches in the Southern Tier

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(WBNG) -- A new service in our area called Instacart is delivering groceries straight to your door as of Tuesday. 

People can now place an order through the app or online for stores including Wegmans, CVS, Price Rite, or PetCo.      

12 News caught up with one of Instacart's leaders Tuesday at Wegmans who showed us how things work on the shopper's end. 

A person will place the order from their home, it gets sent to one of the shoppers, and they head to the store. 

There is a $35 minimum to make an order, as well as a $5.99 delivery charge. There are also year-long programs people can sign up for. 

"How the app actually works is, the customer gets to shop with a shopper in real time, so once they start shopping, they actually get a text message letting them know their shopper has begun, while they're shopping if there's every any changes made they get another text notification letting them know a change has been made," Chad Chokel, Instacart Operations Manager, explained. 

Those who are doing your shopping have gone through special training.

"In the app there's a lot of in-app tutorials and training and we also give a lot of material before hand to make sure our shoppers are properly educated," Chokel said. 

As they go through the store the shoppers scan items off their list. If something is not available at the store, there's a plan for that, too.

"You'll see the app actually brings up a list of suggested items that are related to the item that was originally ordered," Chokel explained.

The service operates most of the day but it depends on the store - typically in our area the service runs from 9 9 p.m., but you can find all the specifics through the app. 

You also have the option to tip your shopper through the app and rate them after you've received your purchase. 

The app is free. Just search "Instacart" in your smart phone's app store. People can sign up to be shoppers through an application online

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