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12 Sports Game of the Week - Chenango Valley

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TOWN OF FENTON (WBNG) -- It's rivalry week for Chenango Valley and Chenango Forks in 12 Sports' Game of the Week. The Warriors enter Friday night searching for their first victory in 2017. 

"They're our rival, and they're a very good team," said Chenango Valley head coach Jay Hope. "Arguably, one of the best programs in the state. So, it's made us try to elevate to that level."

A rival is defined as one of two or more striving to reach or obtain something that only one can possess. 

"Always looking forward to Forks week, every single second," Chenango Valley junior guard/defensive tackle Lucas Scott said.

For 23 straight seasons, Forks has come out on top. 

"New year. New chances," Scott added.

When two rivals clash, anything is possible. 

"We've had some really close games with them and some not so close games with them," said Jay Hope. "I think we've given them some of their best games in the past 15 years."

This group of Warriors is ready for the opportunity.

"It's just always been in the back of my head, growing up on the sidelines of every Forks game since I've been born," said Chenango Valley junior running back/linebacker. "I've been there at every one, and it's awesome that I finally get to play in one."

Playing under Forks' new lights adds a little something extra to this year's game. 

"Friday night games are always the best," said Scott. "So, going out against Forks for our first one of the year, it's going to be something special."

"It's always an exciting environment," added Jay Hope. "The kids seem to pick it up a little bit more and focus a little bit more."

"It will be an awesome atmosphere," said Brady Hope. "Tons of fans. It's going to be awesome."

Chenango Valley understands it will be the underdog when they take the field Friday night, but the Warriors don't really mind. 

"We're just going to go out there, play as hard as we can," said Scott. "Obviously, everyone has told us we can't do it, that's just even more motivation."

Kickoff on Friday night is set for 7 p.m. at Chenango Forks High School. 

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