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12 Sports Game of the Week - Binghamton

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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) -- After three consecutive weeks highlighting Class B in our 12 Sports Game of the Week, we switch it up with a rivalry as old as time between Binghamton and Union-Endicott.

The two local power houses will meet at historic Alumni Stadium this Friday night at 7, so how do the Patriots stack up against the undefeated Tigers?

"We know we have talent and the bottom line is talent means absolutely zero if you're not competitive, and once again, that falls on the hands of me and my coaches," Binghamton head coach Mike Ramil said at practice Tuesday.

Well, it's safe to say Binghamton football is throwing last Saturday's 24-point shutout loss to Horseheads in the trash.

"For me as a senior and a captain, to take a loss like that, I take responsibility for my team for not being competitive," Binghamton senior linebacker Mattias Hime declared.

But after a lackluster performance on the road in Week Three, how do you gain that competitive edge prior to playing your rival, Union-Endicott.

"You learn to compete when you're young," said Ramil. "You learn to compete when you're in the backyard playing with your friends. You learn to compete when you're playing chess with your family members."

And promoting a pawn to a queen is crucial, especially when getting ready to face an undefeated Tigers team.

"I've always heard that U-E week is the hardest week of practice, hardest week we hit," said Binghamton senior lineman Matt Fiato. "We have to make sure we attack them definitely more than we did with Horseheads."

And despite losing in last year's contest against U-E, the Patriots have actually won seven of the past ten meetings between these two schools, creating an excitement level like none other.

"It's exciting because last year a lot of seniors played [at Union-Endicott], and it was exciting for the seniors and U-E, but now that I'm a senior, I'm playing them at our house," Hime said.

"It'd definitely mean a lot not only to me as a senior, but to me as a Binghamton Patriot," Fiato added on possibly handing the Tigers their first loss.

"I want to win because it's my senior year and that's the rival team we're supposed to beat," Hime concluded.

"This game we're finally going to open up," explained Fiato. "We're going to see the true Binghamton football. We're going to punch them right in the mouth and get out there."

"I'm hoping for our fan's sake that our team goes out there and competes and plays at the level it should play at," Ramil said.

Friday night under the lights at Alumni Stadium is where you'll be able to catch our 12 Sports Game of the Week between the Binghamton Patriots (1-2) and undefeated Union-Endicott Tigers (3-0).

As always, kickoff is set for 7 p.m.

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