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MLB scouts on hand for BU baseball scout day

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VESTAL (WBNG) - The Binghamton Bearcats baseball team has had a player drafted in each of the previous four MLB drafts. Tuesday, the beginning of that process for 2018 as Binghamton held its 16th annual baseball scout day. 

About a dozen MLB scouts, including a representative from the New York Yankees, were on hand as Bearcat players showcased their skills. Pitchers threw bullpens while position players ran, hit and fielded. Endicott native, and BU senior, C.J. Krowiak is fully healthy after a hand injury last season and he was ready to show teams what he does well. 

"Not do anything out of my game," said Binghamton Bearcats senior outfielder CJ Krowiak. "Not try to do too much. Run a good sixty (yard dash). Make some decent throws, and take my usual BP."

On if BU's recent success in the draft motivates him:

"It does a little bit," said Krowiak. "Seeing a few guys that I've played with throughout the years get drafted definitely makes me want to stay on top of my game."

"It's a day where they can have some fun and maybe get on someone's radar," said Binghamton head coach Tim Sinicki. "(They) know that there won't be any final decisions on the draft made today, but maybe a club or two likes them, and they might get a letter. They might get a form to fill out. Maybe a follow-up interview with a team and that just starts the process."

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