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Columbus statue vandalized for second time

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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) --  On the morning following Columbus Day, crews were cleaning up the Christopher Columbus Statue in downtown Binghamton after it had been vandalized for the second time.

According to Broome County Public Works employees who cleaned the statue Tuesday, someone had splashed an unknown substance on the statue and had hung a cardboard sign around the neck that said “murderer."

There were also two wreaths of flowers placed on the statue, which is located outside the Collier Street entrance to the Broome County Supreme Court building.

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When 12 News arrived on the scene around 9 a.m. Tuesday morning, the statue had been completely cleaned.

"Destroying any type of public property, we have absolutely zero tolerance for that in Broome County. That is, I don't care what your beliefs are. destroying property or defacing property is not the way to articulate those," Broome County Executive Jason Garnar said.

In September, someone had painted the word "murderer" on the statue. Authorities have not said if anyone was charged in relation to that incident.

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We reached out to Binghamton detectives, who said they were busy investigating Monday's shooting on the east side of Binghamton.

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