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Binghamton University officials hold town hall on new Health Sciences Campus

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JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) -- Construction is well underway for Binghamton University's Health Sciences campus in Johnson City. The 105,000 sq. ft. School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences is nearing completion.

It's one of two schools Binghamton University is bringing to the village. The second is the Decker School of nursing, both part of the new Health Sciences Campus on Corliss Avenue. 

"Everybody sees the new building going up, they are all excited about it," School of Nursing Dean, Gloria Meredith said. "What are they going to do in there and how many people are coming and how many people are in the class. "We get lots of questions but we really haven't had an opportunity to speak publicly."

The opportunity presented itself on Tuesday where BU President, Harvey Stenger was joined by both the School of Nursing Dean, Gloria Meredith and Decker School Dean Mario Ortiz to provide insight on what will be offered and how the campus will help revitalize the Johnson City community. 

With the School of Nursing set to create 150 new jobs when it opens in 2018 and the Decker School ready to enroll more than 430 undergraduate students when completed in 2020, residents say they are excited with what's to come. 

"As far as hearing all the different nursings, what they are going to have for the occupational therapy, to all the different study's that are going to be here and available, to bring in that amount of people and business to Johnson City, I'm really looking forward to that," Johnson City resident, Pamela Vitali said.

"A lot of things are happening quickly and we want to make sure the town and the village knows what's happening and that we hear from them," President Stenger said.

The projects are being supported by some state funding.  

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