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Vestal woman speaks out following real estate scam

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VESTAL (WBNG) -- Members of a Southern Tier family say they were caught in a scam, and now that family has to leave the home they thought they were renting legally. 

In August Angela Shenk and her family were on the hunt for a new home. They turned to the popular website Craigslist. There, they thought they found a great new house. As it turns out, that wasn't the case. 

"He was so professional, his story just was so good he just reeled you right in, hook line and sinker we bought it," Shenk, of Vestal, said. "He like broke our trust."

A man who they say them seemed perfectly legitimate showed them the home, had them sign a lease, and took their money. According to Shenk it turns out that a bank actually owns the home. 

"After a few weeks we had a knock on our door from the realtors and they asked why we were living there, how we got in," Shenk explained. "Luckily the bank let us stay as long as they did, they could have said you gotta get out, but they were nice enough to let us stay and they're working with us," Shenk said. 

Shenk contacted Vestal police, who began a lengthy operation to catch the Craigslist crook. 

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Police say there were multiple victims. Vestal Police and New York State Police set up a sting operation in Endicott. That's where they caught 31-year-old Bryan Vasseur in the act. Vasseur is now in the Broome County Jail. Our attempts to reach his attorney were unsuccessful. 

"They got him, that was our main relief, they got him," Shenk said.

As for the Shenk family, there's still a difficult journey ahead. Right now they're still living in the home on Imperial Woods Drive, but they have to be out by the end of the month.  

"Well we're moving, going out to pretty much the middle of nowhere so we don't have to do this again," Shenk explained. "It's gonna be a long time before we actually trust people again."

Still Shenk wanted to share their story in hopes others will be able to learn can learn from their mistake. 

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