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Survival story: How an Endicott woman beat breast cancer

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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) -- As the community prepares for the annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk, one local woman is sharing her story of survival. 

Patty Lewis' closet is 95 percent pink: a symbol of strength and courage as she is proud to be at 10-year cancer survivor. On July 13, 2007, she got the call from her doctor saying something wasn't right with her routine mammogram. 

She was later diagnosed with breast cancer. 

"On the way home I remembered the American Cancer Society and stopped by there," she said. 

She said she listened to a survivor's story and was able to find her own strength, getting her through a year's worth of radiation, chemotherapy and other tests.

She said one of the most difficult parts of treatment was losing her hair. 

"I just decided to shave it rather than having hair falling out all the time," she said. 

She said she leaned on her family, friends, and community to be her support system. 

She also walked in various fundraisers to raise money for a cure. Her team is called "Petals Hope." She said she has more than 20 people in it.

Lewis said she never thought her family would fall victim to cancer. Several years after Lewis was diagnosed, she said her sister was diagnosed with breast cancer, too.

"She's one of the unfortunate ones who didn't live to tell the rest of her story for the rest of her life," she explained.  

Lewis said she continues to walk in event like the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk in memory of her sister and to support her friends still fighting.

She explained that with this second chance, she tries to live every day to the fullest. She does this by encouraging everyone to get a routine mammogram to catch the disease before it's too late. 

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The 22nd Annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk takes place this Sunday at Recreation Park in Binghamton. Event registration begins at 8:30 a.m. The walk begins at 10:30 a.m. 

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