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Starved, abandoned horse finds new home in New Jersey

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CASTLE CREEK (WBNG) -- An abandoned horse has a brighter future, thanks to one local man and a horse sanctuary in New Jersey. 

71-year-old Archie Judd from Castle Creek has been trying for months to find his neighbor's horse a new home, after his caretaker became sick and left. 

For several months, Buddy the horse has survived off crabgrass and drinking water out of a dirty pond. He walks with a stiff limp, the result of an old untreated injury and his bones protruding. 

"The horse would just wander around in the field," Judd said. "He would just mope around back and fourth. There is one tree that he would stand by and he would just sit there."

Judd had been calling authorities for months to see if anyone could help rescue the struggling horse. Unfortunately, he had no luck until recently, when he received a call from the New York State Attorney General's Office. The agency had been in contact with Rivers Edge Horse Rescue and Sanctuary in Newton, New Jersey, a non-profit corporation that provides a second chance for dozens of injured, abused or abandoned horses.

"I had to call because I felt sorry every time we looked out our window and saw that poor horse," Judd said. 

Diane Romano Potocki, founder of Rivers Edge Horse Rescue and Sanctuary arrived last week to transport Buddy from Castle Creek to Newton. 

"We were on the road and up their first thing in the morning and when I saw him, there was no way I was not going to leave him," Ramano Potocki said. 

Potocki says that Buddy would not have survived another week in the conditions he was living in. 

"He's going to need general maintenance," she said. "He's going to need medication for the remainder of his life so we can keep him comfortable."

Judd says he's thrilled that Buddy has a home where he will be taken care of and treated for. 

"It makes us that the horse has a place now where he can be treated for and somebody that cares about him, instead of wandering around and having his ribs showing," Judd said.

Potocki says Buddy is adapting well to life at River's Edge. Unfortunately she says it will takes months and years to get Buddy healthy again. 

As of right now, no charges have been filed against Buddy's former owners.

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