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12 Sports Game of the Week - Sidney Warriors

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SIDNEY (WBNG) - The Sidney Warriors and Newark Valley Cardinals both made state playoffs runs in 2016. The Cardinals, winning the Class C State Championship. Turn the page to 2017, and these two teams are once again two of the best the state of New York has to offer. Saturday Sidney and Newark Valley meet in 12 Sports' Game of the Week. 

"I think they really want to find out where they are in comparison to other real good teams across the state," said Sidney head coach Jeff Matthews. 

The Warriors are about to find out. A rare number one vs. number one game this Saturday between Sidney, the top ranked team in Class D, and Newark Valley, the kingpin of Class C. 

"It's a tough thing to wrap your mind around that two teams in this area, in Section IV, are ranked that high," said Matthews. "So, it's exciting for us."

Fans of offense should get ready. The Cardinals and Warriors are the top two scoring teams in Section IV on per-game basis. 

"Darren slinging the ball around to our athletes," said Sidney senior running back/linebacker Lucas Tanner. "Reggie breaking loose. We have an explosive offense. It's fun to watch, fun to be apart of."

"We have three receivers that can get open whenever they need to be open and a quarterback that can put the ball wherever he needs to put it," said Sidney senior wide receiver and cornerback Ethan Finch. "Then Reggie in the backfield, got him now. First time running back can become something big now."

Sidney head coach Jeff Matthews knows the problems the Cardinals can create. 

"They come out in a lot of different formations," said Matthews. "And they prod until they find out what's going to work. You just can't take away one part of their game because they are going to find something else to take advantage of. So, it's a very difficult task."

With the Section IV playoffs around the corner, Saturday is a chance to build momentum as both teams hope to play football deep into November.

"Newark Valley is a very good program," said Matthews. "So, if we are able to play well, I think it will do a lot for our kid's confidence."

The Cardinals have not lost at home since 2015, but the Warriors have plenty of experience traveling to hostile environments. 

"We've done it before," said Tanner. "Last year we had to travel in sectionals, going to the state playoffs, so I think we're ready."

"Getting pumped up a lot with each other," said Finch. "Talking each other up, but not going to go in there cocky or anything. Just play our game we gotta play."

Kickoff is set for 1:30 Saturday at Newark Valley High School. 

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