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12 Sports Game of the Week - Owego Indians

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OWEGO (WBNG) - It's win or play basketball time for Class B and D teams in Section IV. 12 Sports' Game of the Week features one of those eliminations game in Class B between the Owego Indians and Susquehanna Valley Sabers.

"We're looking forward to the challenge," said Owego head coach Steve Virkler. "They are a good football team. They've proven it week-in and week-out. Hopefully we can go up and give them our best shot."

The Indians know exactly what they are getting themselves into as they faced the Sabers week five and lost 29-22. 

"Our fundamentals," said Owego senior running back/linebacker Luke Kiballa. "Catch the ball more. Really get the ball into the end zone."

"Have to be able to put some points on the board and try to find a way to score on them, because they are so good defensively," said Virkler. "At the same time, keep their athletes under control. They have athletes at every position. They will spread the field out and do a lot of different things offensively formation-wise."

With the new Class B playoff format intact, the Indians have been waiting for this game since preseason. 

"We knew at the beginning of the season that everyone in Class B was going to make the playoffs, so we were kind of playing each week for a seed and see where you would end up and where you would rank," said Virkler. "I think everyone is looking forward to the opportunity to be in the playoffs and see what we can do."

"I think we are good with our plays and we're well prepared," said Owego junior wide receiver/defensive back Kobe Bogart. "I think we just need to come in fired up and get ready to go."

With the Indians' season on the line, the team has one similar goal in mind.

"I want to win," said Bogart. "That's the goal."

"Playing hard football and a lot of great teams, especially Susquehanna Valley," said Kiballa. "They are a tough team."

"We're excited," said Bogart. "Its the first week of playoffs, anything could happen. So, we're ready to go."

The Indians have won three of its past five games. Kickoff is set for Saturday at 1:30 p.m. at Susquehanna Valley High School. 

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