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Fire demonstration shows students importance of closing doors

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OWEGO (WBNG) -- Students from Owego Elementary School got a chance to see a fire safety demonstration Friday.

A demonstration was put on Friday afternoon by Campville Fire Captain Lee Dunham, to show why it's important to keep doors in your home closed at night in case of a fire.

He accomplished this task by using a fog machine and a small home model, which resembled a doll house, to show how smoke moves through a house while doors are open.

The model Dunham used was built by Adaptive and Vocational Technology students, and will be used at other fire safety events regionally.

Dunham says that the visual demonstration allows students to better understand the importance of closing your doors.

"That's how they learn," Dunham told 12 News. "When they see that these three rooms fill up with smoke and this one doesn't, that's going to help to say 'You know what, I need to close my bedroom door at night.'"

The demo is a part of the Close Before You Doze campaign, a nationwide effort to educate people about the importance of closing doors as a preventative action against fire in their homes.

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