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B-Devils Sit-down - Goalie confidence and Utica Friday night

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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) - Goaltender Scott Wedgewood was traded to Arizona over the weekend. Ken Appleby stepped in and led the B-Devils to victory over Springfield Saturday night, 2-1. 12 Sports Director Larry Burneal asked Binghamton Devils head coach Rick Kowalsky about his confidence level in the Devils' goalie position following the trade and about Friday night's game against divisional rival Utica in the latest edition of B-Devils Sit-down. 

Scott Wedgewood traded, Ken Appleby steps up, picks up a victory against Springfield, only allows a goal. How much confidence does that give you in the goalie position moving forward?

"Well, we are ironically in the same scenario we were in last year, just came about in a different way," said Binghamton Devils head coach Rick Kowalsky. "Scott got hurt and we found ourselves with two young goaltenders. (Now) they are both a year older, more mature, got another year of development under their belt. They both, I believe, had 17 wins for us each last year. There's no question, myself as a coach and the team is confident and certainly comfortable with either one in net. Ken had been out a little bit with a back injury. It was good to get him in up here and get him practicing and then get him in a game. He played well and got us a win. So, moving forward we're going to have two young goaltenders here again, just like we did last year, and like I said, they are a year older, a year smarter and hopefully it shows up on the ice."

B-Devils face Utica Friday night, how important are divisional games this early in the season?

"Well, I think it's still, you're getting a feel for where, a barameter for where you are in the league," said Kowalsky. "It's a team that we are going to see a lot of. Certainly a rivalry team for us. We saw a lot of them in Albany and had a playoff series against them as well. Obviously, they have a new coach, but a lot of the same cast of characters as far as players, and it's a tough, another tough building to play in. I think it's still about our game. You mentioned divisional games, I think we have eight or nine of them this month, so this is a real big month. Our schedule picks up. It still is early in the season, but we play every Wednesday moving forward after this weekend and we see a lot of divisional opponents. So, November is going to be a key month for us."

The Binghamton Devils are on the road Friday night at Utica before returning home to face Lehigh Valley Saturday night. Puck drops Saturday at 7:05 p.m.

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