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Binghamton restaurant looking to expand as popularity grows

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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) -- Binghamton Hots is known for its variety of New York food and its owner now wants to take that menu to other parts of the state.

What started out as a business to attract college students, Binghamton Hots has been getting attention from a variety of customers. 

Owned by Binghamton University alumnus, David Whalen, the restaurant has already expanded its hours in response to the popularity.

"Business has grown every year since we opened," said Whalen. 

The Washington Street restaurant, which opened in 2011, has dishes modeled after well-known food in New York State. One of the most high-demand menu items is the cheeseburger garbage plate, similar to the iconic Rochester garbage plate.

Now that business has grown, Whalen said he wants to expand to other areas of New York, especially to share Binghamton's signature sandwich, the spiedie. 

"I would really like to be in Ithaca. We think Cortland would be a good location, eventually Syracuse as well," said Whalen.

Those in charge of the restaurant say they are currently scouting locations and they hope to officially expand within a year from now.

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