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Kris Borelli - Chenango Forks' unsung hero

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TOWN OF CHENANGO (WBNG) - Chenango Forks will play for its sixth state championship in program history on Sunday. To reach a state title game, a team needs good players. Jeremiah Allen and Connor Borchardt have each earned 12 Sports' Athlete of the Week award. Forks also has a dominant defense, but perhaps the most important player on the Blue Devils is the man that keeps the train on the tracks, Chenango Forks' unsung hero Kris Borelli. 

"I would say (Saturday) was Kris' best game," said Chenango Forks head coach Dave Hogan.

"When the time comes, I need to do my thing too," said Chenango Forks senior quarterback/safety Kris Borelli. "I think that worked out on Saturday."

Kris Borelli was doing his thing all over Ty Cobb Stadium in the state semifinals. Three total touchdowns on offense, plus an interception and fumble recovery on defense. 

"Probably the play that sticks out the most is when the ball went on the ground and he just picks it up and fires it to Jeremiah for the touchdown," said Hogan. "Just his instincts are very nice right now."

So what does the quarterback/safety like more playing offense or defense?

"I would probably have to say defense because I like hitting kids," said Borelli. "But, offense is just as fun for me."

"That doesn't surprise me about him at all," said Hogan. "He's on the edge, we put him up on the edge and the ball come, I come type thing. He loves that, when that comes, and we love watching him play there. He's as good as we have."

For everything Borelli does on the field, his leadership may be his best quality. 

"He steps in front of everything," said Chenango Forks senior guard/defensive tackle Tiernen Joseph. "He takes blame if he does something wrong and he helps other through everything else."

Number 10 had to win the starting quarterback job in camp this fall. Now, there's no slowing now Kris Borelli. 

"He's come a long way and I think those gains are even getting better at the end of the year here," said Hogan.

"Every game you look at he's all over the place doing everything," said Joseph. "Whether its throwing the ball down the field, or taking it himself, or intercepting on the other side. He does every part, everything well."

Borelli has been incredible in the state playoffs. Over the past two games he has thrown, run and caught at least one touchdown. Chenango Forks plays for the state title Sunday against Pleasantville inside the Carrier Dome at noon 

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