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Owego Indians - 12 Sports Team of the Week

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OWEGO (WBNG) - 2013, 2015, 2017, there's something about odd number years and the Owego volleyball team winning state championships. Three in the past five seasons means there's a dynasty brewing in Owego. The Owego Indians 12 Sports' Team of the Week. 

"Throughout the year, we've really come together, through our age gap and everything," said Owego senior McKenzie Hart. "We just played as a team and we were so excited just to be on that state championship court. We put everything into that game."

14 girls help capture the third state title in Owego volleyball history. 

"We put all of our effort into it," said Owego senior Paige Taylor. "Our competitiveness and the way we bonded together made it even more special to come out being undefeated."

19 wins, zero losses. 

"I didn't think we'd be undefeated completely," said Hart. "It's just such a good feeling, because not many teams can say that about their season."

The entire ride made sweeter after falling in the championship game the year before.

"After last year, I think a lot of us, never wanted to feel that again," said Owego senior Brinn Shaughnessy. "Coming in second place is probably the worst spot to end. It doesn't seem like it, but its just hard when you work so hard all year and come so close. You can feel it slip through your fingers so this year we definitely weren't going to let that happen and I'm glad we went out there and took care of it in three."

A clean sweep in the state championship, further showcasing Owego's dominance. 

"We played like a team in every aspect," said Shaughnessy. "We had good blocks, sets, our defense was getting amazing digs, and our hitters were really putting it away. Our setter was really connecting with all of us. It was just plain Owego volleyball."

Don't expect the Owego dynasty to fall off anytime soon.

"Even kids that are in elementary school," said Hart. "They come into this program knowing that its a family, and you work hard for this."

"We're building a states program and its great to be part of it," said Shaughnessy. "To be starting it at least, because I know years down when our modify girls are on varsity, I think there will be a couple more years on that banner."

The girls said the secret to Owego's success is game called scatterball, similar to dodgeball, that helped them bond together. 

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