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Chenango Forks - Championship Sunday Preview

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TOWN OF CHENANGO (WBNG) -- Chenango Forks plays in the Class B state championship game on Sunday. The Blue Devils are the lone team out of Section IV in the state title game this season and are trying to win their sixth championship in program history. That would put the Blue Devils second all-time in New York State titles, just one behind Aquinas out of Section V. 

"That's the moment that you see everybody look and go, 'I'm doing this for the guy next me. I'm doing it for the community,'" said Chenango Forks senior guard/defensive tackle Tiernen Joseph. "It's everybody giving their all for it."

Most recently, last year when the Blue Devils watched Glens Falls raise the Class B state title. 

"The first thing that we said when we were on the field was, 'We will be back,' and in our luck, we are back," said Chenango Forks senior quarterback/defensive back Kris Borelli.

After losing L.J. Watson and a bunch of talented seniors, there were no guarantees. 

"We did lose a lot of guys from last year," added Borelli. "There were people saying that we weren't going to get back, but we took that as motivation and just used it to get where we are right now."

"Everybody always ask, 'How's the team going to be next year?' and it's 'We gotta wait and see how everything works out,'" said Joseph. "After the first game, [I] felt pretty confident that the team was getting everything together, that we were a team that could come strong."

That's exactly what the Blue Devils did this season. Currently a perfect 12-0 and outscoring the opposition by 350 points.

Now the Blue Devils next challenge, Pleasantville, who dominated the defending state champs Glens Falls in the state semifinals. 

"They've got some big boys," said Joseph. "Defense is fast. They got to Glens Falls, sacked 'em like eight times. They are a good team."

For a team playing in a fifth straight state championship and trying to win its sixth state title in program history, Chenango Forks can use experience to its advantage. 

"It's got to," said Chenango Forks head coach Dave Hogan. "It really does. We have a lot of kids that are returning. Even if they didn't play, just experiencing it, I think does help a lot."

"Whether it's one or six, the feeling is incredible," said Joseph. "Me, Danny and Kris were on the team in 2015. We were able to get that one with the other guys. To be the seniors, if we could walk off a with a win, nothing would compare to that."

Game time is set for 12 p.m. on Sunday. Stick with 12 Sports for complete Chenango Forks football coverage throughout the afternoon.

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