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"Village of the Damned" docuseries sparks controversy in Dryden

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DRYDEN, N.Y. (WBNG) -- The "Village of the Damned" documentary series is getting a lot of attention by Dryden residents, but not for a positive reason. 

The docuseries is aired by Investigation Discovery. It's based on the tragedy that plagued the small village over two decades ago. 

"It's really profiting off people's misery and what's the point. If they want to come and do a documentary about Dryden. We have a whole lot of good things that we can talk about," said Dryden Town Supervisor Jason Liefer. 

The docuseries focuses on patterns of violence and murder in Dryden. Some residents say it brings back unnecessary pain they don't want to remember.

Marcy Brandt has lived in Dryden for more than 40 years. She knows the reality of these tragedies all too well. 

"Personally it did touch me, I lost a good friend who I graduated high school with. That tragedy struck him which was in the midst of all of it," said Brandt

While the new series may be interesting to many outsiders, Brandt says it stirs up bad memories for locals.

"Unfortunately human spirit likes tragedy, the sensationalism of it all and its just unfortunate that it has to be my hometown our hometown," said Brandt. 

She feels it's a village centered on love, not hate.

"We're not by any way the 'Village of the Damned' at all," said Brandt. 

There is currently a petition on change.org with more than 3,000 signatures asking Investigation Discovery to stop airing the "Village of the Damned."

12 News reached out to the show's producers for an interview but have not heard back. 

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