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Supporters rally for drug treatment facility outside Broome County Office Building

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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) -- While there has been controversy, some members of the community do support the opening of the Treatment facility at the Broome Developmental Center.  A rally was held outside the county office building ahead of Tuesday night's public hearing.

Local community parents, advocates, and leaders spoke out against any further county legislature delays in approving the resolution for funding, voicing their support for the opening of the drug treatment facility.

Former Broome County Legislator, Kim Myers, says she's at a complete lose for words as to why the legislature is not accepting state money this year to get the drug treatment facility up and running in the Town of Dickinson. 

"I have no idea why they would not pass this," Myers said. "This will create jobs, this will provide services for people, this will utilize a building that is shuttered."

During the rally, supporters told their stories about losing loved ones to an overdose. Many were holding signs to help illustrate their anger. 

"Surely the legislature knows we have zero detox beds available here in the community and that the service is the first step in the process of recovery," Beverly Rainforth, Founder of Broome Needs Detox Now, said. 

Democrat Mark Whalen, a current member of the legislature also spoke in support of the facility. He says it's time to stop messing around and get down to what's really important. 

"I would like to move forward in a timely manner, ask the questions that we need to ask, accept the state funding and do our job," Whalen said. 

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