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More than one hundred community members attend drug treatment facility public hearing

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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) --  The conference room of the Broome County Office building was packed for a hearing Tuesday night regarding funding plans for the new drug treatment facility. 

"The purpose of this hearing was to simply hear from the public about how they felt about accepting a state funding to provide substance abuse treatment services at the former Broome Developmental Center," said County Executive Jason Garnar. 

The hearing follows controversial disagreements between County Executive Jason Garnar and Chairman of the Broome County Legislature Dan Reynolds.

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Chairman Reynolds wrote a letter to Garnar back in August expressing concerns over a lack of transparency in the project's proposal and planning.

Garnar disputed the claim Tuesday night after the public hearing, saying "I used to be a County Legislator before I was a County Executive for eight or nine years. I've never seen so many forums, so many hearings, so much transparency, questions answered on one single resolution. We set a record here.

Along with the nine other Republican legislators, Reynolds was not present at the hearing, as there was a monthly caucus for the county's Republicans. 

Most of the people attending the fourth hearing for the project were in favor of it.

"I hope that we have a comprehensive system in place that starts with medically assisted detox center," said Chrissy Klein from Binghamton. 

A few people in the crowd opposed the plan for funding, saying that they want people to be helped, but do not want that to affect taxpayer's money.

"Funds should come from the state, they should be run by the state. $3 million is not going to be enough to staff the developmental center 365 days a year," said Robert Buholski from Endwell. 

That vote for state funding by the Broome County Legislative has been postponed until January of 2018 at this time. 

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