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Binghamton power plant slated to close in Jan. 2018

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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) – Just a couple of years after being reopened, a power plant in Binghamton is set to be shut down once again.

Dan Richardson, a Director of Operations for California-based Wellhead Electric Company, told 12 News the gas-powered peaker plant located at 22 Charles Street is scheduled to be closed as early as January 9, 2018.

Wellhead Electric Company is the parent company of Binghamton BOP LLC., which owns the plant.

Richardson said the decision was purely financial. A peaker plant is mainly utilized in extreme cold or extreme hot conditions to help with power production, but such conditions did not happen in recent years.

He said there are five employees who will be relieved from the plant, and that those individuals are employed with a separate company, North American Energy Services.

Wellhead Electric bought the plant in 2012, but eventually shut it down because it was losing money.

The plant reopened in 2015 after access to low-cost gas from Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania made opening once again possible.

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