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How to keep your Christmas tree from catching fire this holiday season

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(WBNG) -- It's the time of the year when many people are making the decision between getting a real Christmas tree or an artificial one.

When it comes to choosing a tree, fire hazards are an important consideration. 

"The most important things with Christmas trees, if you have a fresh tree, make sure you're getting it from a reputable sources and they've been cut down recently," Captain Timothy O'Neill, an assistant Fire Marshal with the City of Binghamton Bureau of Fire, said. "The fresher you get them, the faster you get them in water, the better off you are."

O'Neill says the fake ones can be a safer decision. 

"If you spend enough money on them they look really nice, they are inherently safer because they're not organic matter, they're not gonna dry out," O'Neill explained. 

Some tips in order to protect your tree and your home include: 

  • Unplugging the lights when you go to bed or any time you leave your home
  • Water your tree
  • Check the lights
  • Keep them at least three feet away from any heat source

Experts say a dry tree can go up in flames in a matter of seconds.

"People just have to be diligent, look at their stuff, test them, make sure that they work, when you're putting them up just looking for any fraying, or separation of the wires, if something's acting funny just get rid of it, they're not that expensive, replace it," he added. 

Hoping people are cautious, in order to guarantee a happy and safe holiday season. 

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