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Sherburne girl raises money for hungry children

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SHERBURNE (WBNG) -- An 8-year-old girl from Sherburne is doing her part this holiday season to make sure no child goes hungry. 

When Sammy Garrison learned in her 3rd grade class that there were children in the world in need of food, she sprang into action.     

"It really made me upset that there were kids that were going hungry," Sammy said. 

Sammy wanted to raise money to help kids who don't have enough food. To help Sammy with her idea, her parents set up a go-fund-me page. Her initial goal was to raise $200. However, once people started to realize what it was all about, the community stepped up. So far, more than $500 has been raised. 

"I think it's amazing," Sammy's mother, Nicole Garrison said. "I think she's amazing for thinking of doing this. I think it was just a great experience all around and she's a marvelous little girl and I love her so much and I couldn't be more proud."

The money will be donated to her school's backpack program which will help any of her classmates in need. The program discreetly places food in children's hands who are struggling. 

"Kids in school, they can get hungry and they can't focus and they can't learn," Sammy said. "If they don't learn they don't get educated and if they don't get educated they don't get a job."

The family says they will keep collecting until December 15.


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