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Molly Burdick - 12 Sports Athlete of the Week

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JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) -- For the third straight year, Johnson City girls basketball claimed the 2017 Mark Woitach Tip-Off Tournament championship. Molly Burdick led the way for the Wildcats, which is why the senior standout is our 12 Sports Athlete of the Week.

"Molly's a big factor for us this year," said Wildcats head coach Dave Chilson at practice on Monday. "She's really hard to stop."

Three games, three wins last week for Johnson City thanks to the dynamic 6-foot-1 Burdick.

"She gets to the basket really well," said Chilson regarding Burdick. "She's long. She jumps well. She runs the lanes well. And now she's really developed her outside game a little bit."

The senior averaged more than 17 points last week, netting 18 against Ithaca and Whitney Point before scoring 16 in Saturday's championship victory over Greene.

"My shot has developed, and I can shoot it from outside more, and I can take it left instead of just right," Molly Burdick said at practice on Monday.

"[Molly's shot] goes in every time," senior Amanda Kerwick added.

A three-year varsity basketball player, Molly also reached states in cross country this past fall. Naturally, her speed translates well from one sport to the next.

"It definitely helps me to get down the court, so I can get the long pass and beat the press break," Burdick said.

"We'll be [running] down the court," explained Kerwick. "And she's already there. She's waiting for the ball, ready to go."

"Her speed and her length and her ability to get to the rim make her very tough to stop," Chilson added.

And according to her teammates, Molly - who plays both forward and point guard - will never stop being a great teammate and leader.

"She's invincible," added Kerwick when asked to describe her teammate. "She makes every practice a little bit better. She makes the good days better, the bad days good. She definitely is a positive attitude. We look up to her."

"We all just dance on the court, and we just try to make it as fun as possible," Burdick said in a joking yet still serious manner.

So what does the future hold for the gifted athlete?

Well, Burdick is still undecided on a college, but told 12 Sports that she hopes to play basketball and run cross country at either Misericordia or Hartwick.

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