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B-Devils Sit-down - Round Two vs. Belleville

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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) - Round two between the Binghamton Devils and Belleville Senators is set for Wednesday night in Belleville, Ontario. Before the team made the trip to Canada, 12 Sports Director Larry Burneal caught up with B-Devils head coach Rick Kowalsky to get his thoughts on how his team could start playing better and breaks down the game with the Senators in the latest edition of B-Devils Sit-down. 

Two losses for the B-Devils over the weekend, how would you describe the team's play?

"Well, I think we got outmatched in certain situations and again got away from what we need to do to have success," said Binghamton Devils head coach Rick Kowalsky. "We turned some pucks over and were a little loose defensively. Those are two good teams that took advantage of it. They are different types of teams. Charlotte had a lot of skill and speed, and Syracuse was more just about getting to the net. They were driving the net on us hard, but a lot of those chances against, and goals for started, with the puck on our stick. Bad line change, again, a lot of self-inflicted wounds."

Is there anything you can pinpoint that could be a quick fix, or is it just about players continuing to development?

"I think right now, with a young team they can't get frustrated and try to deviate and be something they are not," said Kowalsky. "Each one of these players are here, whether it was drafted or signed as a free agent for a reason, and they have strengths in their games. It's important that they play to their identity and their strengths within the team structure."

B-Devils play Belleville twice this week. Wednesday in Belleville, Saturday the Senators return to Binghamton for the first time. What did you learn about them in the first meeting?

"We saw them early on in the season and that was another game that could have gone either way," said Kowalsky. "We had to battle back and make it a game. They play a different style where they are really aggressive with their D in the offensive zone and we have to manage the puck. Again, it's going to force us to make plays or get out of trouble under pressure, and that's something we struggle with from time to time."

Puck drops Wednesday night in Belleville at 7 p.m. 

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