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'Special Kneads' pies sell out within minutes of first day in business

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BINGHAMTON (WBNG)  - Angela Tallman is Binghamton's newest baking entrepreneur.

"It's amazing, everybody likes them," Angela's father, Tom Tallman, said.

Her homemade pie business called "Gifted Sweets by Special Kneads" debuted at the Broome County Regional farmers market on Saturday and was an instant hit.

"They really like it," said Angela. 

She sold her entire inventory of pies in just 15 minutes.The journey to this success, however, wasn't as quick. 

She born with down syndrome and recently was let go from her job at Achieve Manufacturing.

However, it didn't stop her from pursuing her dream of starting a baking business.

She teamed up with Cornell Cooperative Extension to help make that dream a reality.

“We work with the small businesses of Broome County to grow them into something more and that doesn't stop with any specific type person," Amy Willis from Cornell Cooperative Extension said.

The organization helped give Tallman the boost she needed and Cornell Cooperative says her success is no surprise.

"We had people on our Facebook page asking to set some aside last night. You know I'm really not surprised," said Willis.

Tillman now hopes her business will inspire others like her to join in on the business opportunity.

"I'm proud of her and I hope that this is a gateway so that other handicapped children come join us and continue this endeavor," said Tom Tillman.

Angela said she is grateful for the communities support. "Thank you for all the help," she said. 

Tallman's family tells us Angela sold 30 pies today and has orders for 83 more.

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