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Deputies: Holiday boxes can lure criminals to your home

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DICKINSON (WBNG) -- The Broome County Sheriff's Office is warning people to not leave empty boxes that housed gifts outside of their homes. 

The sheriff's office says that's the perfect way to let a criminal know what presents you received and could even make you a target. 

"If they see an opportunity to steal something that they want, desire, or can have some kind of future intentions with, they're going to take it," said Lt. Ben Harting of the Broome County Sheriff's Office.

Lt. Harting says if criminals see holiday boxes outside it could lure them in. 

"Let's say you got a sixty inch TV and you put that box out on the curb, you have just advertised I have a brand new sixty inch TV," explained Lt. Harting. "You are increasing your chances of someone trying to burglarize your home."

One local man is already aware of the risk. He has his own way of tricking any crooks.

"When you put your boxes out, if you put them in a dog food bag it'll say hey they've got dogs, I probably shouldn't go through your stuff," added Johnson City resident Dan Perkins. "I probably shouldn't think about breaking into their house. It makes it harder for them to go through them and it's more time they have to take to go through it so it draws more attention to themselves."

The  sheriff's office adds to cut up boxes into smaller pieces.

"When you break down the cardboard, turn them inside out so only the brown side is facing out or the inside of the packaging," said Lt. Harting. "That way you don't advertise what was in that box."

He also adds to crumple up gift receipts. He says if people leave them outside on the curb it's just another way for someone to know what was purchased. 

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