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How to stay safe: Bitter cold in Southern Tier could lead to frostbite

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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) -- There's a wind chill advisory in effect in our area until Thursday afternoon. The Storm Track 12 team says these cold weather conditions can be dangerous and lead to frostbite.

Frostbite happens when your skin and tissue just below your skin start to freeze.

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"With the cold air and the windy conditions you're only asking for trouble as far as having body parts freeze," explained 12 News Meteorologist Brian Schroeder. 

He added that it wouldn't take long for frostbite to sneak in. 

"Under the conditions we have today, tonight, temperatures in the single digits, winds, ten to fifteen miles per hour, maybe even higher than that, frostbite can occur in a half hour," said Schroeder.

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Health officials want people to take the risk of possibly getting this type of condition seriously.

"It could lead to gangrene and even lead to having an amputation of part of a limb," said Broome County Health Department Public Health Nurse Marianne Yourdon. 

Yourdon suggests staying covered up out in the cold weather.

"With a hat or a scarf over your face," said Yourdon. "Or a mask works good."

She adds if people have to work outside, wear plenty of layers of clothing.

Yourdon says specific types of material can be more effective than others.

"You want to wear something like wool or silk or polypropylene and those materials for under layers are really good," she explained.

Officials also say it's good to wear something waterproof to keep the cold weather on the outside and body heat on the inside. 

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