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B-Devils Sit-Down - Drowsy December

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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) -- The month of December has not been kind to the Binghamton Devils. In ten games played, the B-Devils have won just two games. 12 Sports Reporter Tyler Feldman fills in for 12 Sports Director Larry Burneal and questions head coach Rick Kowalsky about the current state of his team on B-Devils Sit-Down.

Q: "Rick, happy holidays. I hope you enjoyed the break. How was everything? A short one, right?"

A: "It was good. I was able to get home and spend some time with the family. We obviously were late getting back from Hershey on Saturday night, but still, it's nice to just get a break and get away from everything and just enjoy some time with the family."

Q: "December has not been kind to your team. Just 2-8 this month. What's been the difference with your team? What's been the struggle to try to get into the win column?"

A: "Well, I think it's just consistency. I think some parts of our game we have together. Other parts fall off. And then you get one area sorted out, and we lack a little bit in other areas. So I think it's just consistency."

Q: "Now four of those eight losses did come by just one goal. One goal differentials in four of those eight losses, so can you take any positives away from these last ten games?"

A: "No question. There are lots of positives in every game, to be honest with you. We've had a few stinkers. There's no question and that's going to happen, but the toughest thing is the mental state where these guys have their solid games and you have your good games and you feel you're happy with how you played and you still don't get the result. It's picking yourself up the next day and coming to the rink and that's part of, again, the growth process and the maturation process of these kids realizing, 'Okay, we did this. Don't change.'"

Q: "Now, one thing I have noticed through three months of this season, still no player wearing a 'C' or a captain on this team. Will that change?"

A: "Well, it's going to change eventually. We just, again, wanted to see how some of the young guys handled that responsibility, and we've had some guys emerge that will continue to wear a letter, and then we'll eventually name a captain here probably, just with the break, we're not going to do it right after the break but probably by the new year for sure."

Q: "Three games before the new year starting tonight at home against the Checkers. How do you end 2017 on a high note?"

A: "Well, again, hopefully the break helped us. Just getting away from it. The frustration of not winning games, like you said. So I think just getting away from each other. Getting away from the rink might help us. This is a good hockey team here tonight. Hopefully everybody comes back fresh and has a new outlook on everything, and we can bang out some wins here."

Kowalsky told 12 Sports Wednesday morning after practice that Ken Appleby will get the start in net for the B-Devils. Puck drops against the Charlotte Checkers at 7:05 p.m. at the Floyd L. Maines Veterans Memorial Arena.

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