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Syracuse community reacts to its local drug treatment center

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SYRACUSE (WBNG) -- With a new drug treatment center coming to Broome County, 12 News is digging deeper into your concerns about how it will impact the surrounding community. 

Syracuse has been home to the Syracuse Behavioral Healthcare Clinic for years. Its facilities will be similar the center in Broome County, so 12 News caught up with some of the center's neighbors. 

Lloyd Brown, who has lived in the area since 1994, says the facility blends right in. 

"You don't even notice that it's there. It's just another building," said Brown. 

Brown opened a restaurant five months ago, a few blocks away from the facility. 

"It doesn't affect everyday life at all, it's just some place people go to receive help and treatment," said Brown. 

Bill Sparsfield said he's been working next door to the center for years. 

"You don't recognize them when you're a neighbor next door. They're a good neighbor," he said. 

Sparsfield said he is more concerned that people are getting the treatment they need. 

"I think they're beneficial to the community especially with the escalation with opioid and the problem it's brought to the average home," said Sparsfield. 

12 News was not able to find anyone in Syracuse with concerns about the facility. 

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