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Trinasia Kennedy - 12 Sports Athlete of the Week

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TOWN OF CONKLIN (WBNG) - Over the past seven days, the Susquehanna Valley girl's basketball team has defeated Seton Catholic, Somers and Elmont. Three teams all currently ranked in the top 11 in Class A. The Sabers play in Class B. SV is no stranger to the big stage and prides itself every year on defense. Look no further than 12 Sports Athlete of the Week Trinasia Kennedy as a prime example of how defense leads to victories. 

"It's fast, it's fun, it's competitive, it's aggressive," said Susquehanna Valley senior guard Trinasia Kennedy. "I like being aggressive."

"I love basketball," said Kennedy. 

Trinasia Kennedy can do it all on a basketball court. 

"She's a great on-ball defender," said Susquehanna Valley head coach Chad Freije. "She's really tough pressuring the ball. She runs the floor really well. Her jump shot has come a long way since last year, so she's adding more and more to her game each week."

"She's a great defender," said Susquehanna Valley senior forward Alexis Drake. "She's a great shooter. She drives to the basket when we need her too. She's just always there."

Even though basketball is transitioning to more outside shooting, Kennedy likes to get buckets the old fashion way. 

"Not shooting," said Kennedy. "I like to drive to the basket a lot, create contact."

Driving her way to a game-high 17 points in SV's victory against Seton Catholic, but her head coach Chad Freije credits her defense for playing a huge role in snapping the Saints' 29-game winning streak. 

"Played her style of game," said Freije. "She's a great help-defender when we want her to play help defense. We put her on Hanna a little bit to pressure the ball. She played Ava for a few minutes. Offensively, she was able to do whatever we needed her to do."

Kennedy fell in love with playing the game in eighth grade, but had to spend a lot of time watching after she tore her ACL. 

"It was horrible," said Kennedy. "It really shut down my mental state a lot because I wasn't on the court. I couldn't do much. I had to be home and stretching and I hate stretching, so it was really tough at first."

Eight months of rehab. 

"It was so long," said Kennedy. "It was PT every other day and I didn't enjoy it as much. I wanted to get out there and play."

Now Kennedy is back to 100 percent, but hasn't forgotten what it's like without the game.

"It was work for what you want, because if I didn't get to play again, if that was my last game, it would have been the worst day of my life," said Kennedy. "So I was like, 'appreciate what you have now and play every game like its your last.'"

The second ranked Sabers are now enjoying some time off for New Years. Its next game is Friday, January 5 at home against Oneonta. 

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