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Organizers prepare for Windsor's New Year's Eve celebration

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WINDSOR (WBNG) -- Windsor's 6th annual First Knight will take place on Sunday. The family friendly New Year's Eve event features a parade that begins at 7 p.m.

Main Street will be decorated along with the street's gazebo.

With more than 10 venues featuring tons of fun from music, games, winter wonderlands, snacks and cocoa, organizers look forward to the opportunity for the community. 
"It's just a fun event and it brings a lot of different activities and performances to people in an area that's fairly low-income, and cannot afford to see some of these things were it not for the First Knight event," said Elaine Card, Co-Director of Windsor First Knight.

A couple hundred volunteers will give their time to help out with the event. Details can be found by clicking here: First Knight Website

There will be shuttle buses from the Windsor High School parking lot and plenty of indoor activities, but it is expected to be cold so bundle up.

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