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Local businesses clean up following New Year's Eve celebration

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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) -- While many are recovering from a night of celebrating the new year, some local businesses continued to work Monday morning.

Workers spent the day breaking down the large tent on State Street where the 3rd annual Downtown Binghamton Ball Drop party was held Sunday night.

"It'll be several hours of cleaning and then tomorrow when we open up, they'll they'll spruce it up again," said Social on State co-owner, Mark Yonaty, who got back at eight o'clock in the morning to start cleaning. 

Confetti, bottles, cups, and other items were left on the street from the event. However, the event organizers said a good portion of the mess was indoors this year.

"The streets were certainly much emptier this year than they have in the past. I think that people want to get inside and get warm, which obviously attracted a lot of wet and salt into our business," said Yonaty.

Business owners in Downtown Binghamton said that the mess was worth it for the fun night everyone had to celebrate the new year.

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