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Keith Harris - 12 Sports Athlete of the Week

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JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) - Keith Harris hit the game-winning shot against Elmira-Notre Dame with three seconds left to send Johnson City home with a Josh Palmer Tournament Title. Now it's also made Harris, 12 Sports' Athlete of the Week. 

"I think he enjoys the moment," said Johnson City head coach Bill Spalik. 

"Honestly it was just more like catch it and shoot, get rid of the thing," said Johnson City junior Keith Harris. "But like I said it was exciting."

Harris stepping up and knocking down the game-winner surprised no on at Johnson City, even though its just his first season on varsity. 

"He's always practicing," said Johnson City senior Ladarius Thompson. "Every day he is always in the gym. He always wants me to go out and shoot around with him."

"He's making strides early in the season," said Spalik. "We knew he was extremely talented from a year ago. He led our JV team in scoring. Played a lot of AAU basketball. He was a constant fixture over the summer, so we knew his game was going to get better and better."

"When the time comes, I try to just step up and be that guy and hopefully knock it down," said Harris.

One thing that is a little surprising about Harris, his love for eating. Despite his 150 lbs frame, the junior loves pizza. 

"Anything," said Harris. "Cheese, sausage. Anything."

If you go watch the Wildcats play, you'll know exactly who Harris is. He has the best afro in Section IV. 

"Everyone has told me to put it in a pony tail, but I think the fro fits me," said Harris. "I'm kind of tall. Just pick my hair out and let it go."

"I think we have the best hair in Section IV," said Spalik. "It's like a retro fit for some of these guys. The big hair and they like to roll the shorts up pretty high. So, it's like the trend is swinging back around with big hair and short shorts."

Harris also made the game-winning free throws against Horseheads. Johnson City s back in action Thursday night at Union-Endicott

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