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Binghamton Pond Festival

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The Binghamton Pond Festival is getting ready for three big weekends and more. As of 2018, the Binghamton Pond Fest is the only outdoor hockey events to feature mechanical refrigeration to help best manage weather concerns related to outdoor hockey to help the players play all games. 

A list of events for Binghamton Pond Fest is below:

  • January 12-14 - Binghamton Pond Festival presents ASHA
  • January 19 - Free Try hockey for kids
  • January 20 - Awareness game for pediatric causes
  • January 20-21 - Youth outdoor weekend
  • January 26-28 - Adult outdoor weekend
  • January 28 - Trail and snowshoe races

All events take place at Chenango Valley State Park and there is a $10 suggested parking donation that will be good for the entire weekend.

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