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Are the B-Devils hard to play against?

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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) - Binghamton Devils head coach Rick Kowalsky said before the season, he wants his team to be 'hard to play against'. Through 36 games, Binghamton has the second fewest points in the AHL. After three competitive games last week, the B-Devils took a step backward Wednesday night as Syracuse scored four times on just 16 shots. 

Binghamton's main problem is scoring goals. The B-Devils have the fourth fewest goals in the AHL, and all the teams ranked below them have played less games. 12 Sports asked Kowalsky if he feels like his team has lived up to being hard to play against. 

"It's been inconsistent like a lot of our play," said Binghamton Devils head coach Rick Kowalsky. "I think there have been nights where we've played fast and have been physical. Just taking away time and space. It's not always about being physical, just being hard to play against defensively and when we do, we give ourselves a chance. We know that we're not as deep as some teams from a skill standpoint, but if you play tight as a five-man unit, and everyone is moving their feet and playing the game what we call fast means with the puck, but also without the puck, you take away time and space and then you're just hard In one-on-one battles. 

The Binghamton Devils are back on the ice Friday night in Rochester. Puck drops at 7:05 p.m. 

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