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The benefits of hot yoga with Bikram Yoga Binghamton

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When you here 'hot yoga', you might think what is that? If you've heard of it, you might also be intimidated, but there are benefits to doing hot yoga and doing yoga in general.

Kara Conrad went to Bikram Yoga Binghamton to meet with co-owners, Roxanne and Marc, to learn the benefits of yoga, realize that hot yoga isn't as scary as it seems and learn a few poses.

Bikram Yoga keeps the beginner student in mind for every single class that it holds. There are both 60 minute and 90 minute classes that people can participate in. The yoga studio also offers fresh juices and smoothies. 

Roxanne explains that the room is heated slightly above body temperature and the heat is meant to help not harm. The heat helps people to experience the benefits of yoga faster, such as weight loss, better skin and more. 

Yoga practice in general also has mental health benefits and pain. "The biggest thing we've seen is that it really helps people with any kind of chronic back pain and helps them to relieve the pain. Some people are even able to get off of medications so it's big time with that, helps people de-stress especially with this time of year, it helps in a lot of ways, it improves mental focus, emotional stability," explains Roxanne. 

Bikram Yoga Binghamton is located on 23 East Clinton Street. See the class schedule online. You can also find Bikram Yoga on Facebook.

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