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Senator, sheriff ask Gov. Cuomo to extend pistol permit recertification in Broome County

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(WBNG) -- The New York State Pistol permit re-certification deadline is approaching.

Of the approximately 25,000 pistol license holders in Broome County, only about 6,000 have recertified as of January 2.

Broome County Sheriff David Harder and Senator Fred Akshar, both Republicans, gathered on Friday to call on Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo to extend the deadline for gun owners to recertify their pistol permits. 

“Broome County has thousands of law-abiding gun owners and the state has imposed additional recertification guidelines,” Sheriff Dave Harder said in a statement. “We shouldn’t also be punishing them as they go through this time-consuming, bureaucratic process.”

For pistol permits issued more than five years ago, the deadline to re-certify is January 31.

If the permit was issued after January 15, 2013, the weapon must be re-certified before the five year anniversary of the initial issuance (for example, if the permit was issued January 12, 2018, the deadline to re-certify would be January 12, 2023).

Local officials say that if these weapons are not recertified, the owners will be breaking the law.

"Under the Governor's law, their permit will be revoked and they'll be holding on to their handguns illegally and then it'll be up to the District Attorney of Broome County, or whatever county you're living in, to prosecute you as an offender," said Broome County Sheriff David Harder.

State Police will be enforcing this law starting February 1st, including pistol confiscation and prosecution.

Here's how to re-certify your weapon:

  • Use the New York State Police website (recommended), or
  • Mail it in to the State Police by downloading the form here or pick up the form at any NYSP location or the Broome County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Harder emphasizes that the sooner the pistol re-certification sent in, the better, as your license will not be re-certified until the information is received and processed.

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