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Binghamton Bulldogs already a slam dunk

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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) -- We're just 12 games into the Binghamton Bulldogs inaugural season, and the area's newest semi-professional basketball team is already a slam dunk.

After a 2-2 start, the Bulldogs have caught fire. They're currently riding an eight-game winning streak, which has catapulted the first-year ABA team into the national rankings.

"I didn't think we would have this much success so soon," said Binghamton Bulldogs GM and head coach Reggie Hawkins. "But I knew that with the type of guys that we had, that we had a chance to be good."

This team is more than good. The Bulldogs are great. A great team that has put Binghamton back on the map, and a great team that has provided a rare opportunity for several local standouts to return to the court.

Just ask Binghamton-native Chris Cartwright. For him, this experience has been: "Life-changing. This is an opportunity to keep playing basketball and not have to stress so much and live the adult life."

Just like his ten teammates, Cartwright works a full-time job. The players do make some money, but not much. However, it's not about the paycheck.

"That's part of our success," added Binghamton Bulldogs point guard Chris Cartwright. "It's because the guys that we have, they're just in love with basketball. They're in love with the game. They're in love with the staff. They're in love with the support. The energy that comes from here. All of the people that consistently come game after game after game. It's not about a paycheck for us. We just enjoy the game and that's what makes it so fun."

Speaking of fun, winning is fun. The Bulldogs are currently 10-2 and ranked tenth nationally.

The reason behind the fun is family.

"We're a family, so we say 'family' at the end of the 'One, two,!' And we kind of believe that so that's the biggest thing," Binghamton Bulldogs shooting guard Moni Anderson said.

Now Cartwright graduated from Binghamton High School in 2008, and he says that despite eight straight wins, this team still has a long way to go.

That "long way to go" starts this Saturday night when the Bulldogs host Pottstown at Seton Catholic Central. Tip-off is slated for 7 p.m.


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