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New distillery pouring local taste in the Southern Tier

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APALACHIN (WBNG) -- Whiskey lovers unite! Waterman's Distillery is coming to the area soon and is keeping everything in its business geared toward the local community. 

Joseph Alig and his wife Michelle have been practicing the art of distillation as more of a hobby. However, recently they have decided to turn that hobby into a business.

They have been re-modeling an old barn located off of Route 434 in Apalachin. There is a main seating area inside the barn, along with a tasting bar on the far right wall.

"We had this beautiful building and I had been happy distilling for many many years," said Joseph. "And this bar, we felt like it would make a great distillery and that's how we married the two together."

Distillation is the process of boiling to separate alcohol from water. The alcohol is then aged in oak barrels to give it richness.

From whiskey to bourbon to even gin, both Michelle and Joseph have been adding in their own flavors to create a Southern Tier style spirits.

"Our craft flavorings are made from natural products, so you know one of our flavors is a jalapeno ginger. We use fresh jalapenos and we use fresh ginger and that creates the flavor base of our product," said Michelle.

The Alig's have also made sure that all of their ingredients and business deals are completely local. 

"Our 607 is our brand. That was something important to us," said Michelle. "Not only restoring this barn but keeping our brand as something that symbolizes the community."

Joseph and Michelle expect to open the doors to Waterman's Distillery on the second week of February.

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