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B-Devils Sit-down - Lack update, integrating Walman

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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) - In a special second edition of B-Devils Sit-down this week, B-Devils head coach joins 12 Sports Director Larry Burneal to talk about Jacob MacDonald's insane goal during the AHL All-Star Classic, Eddie Lack's injury status and integrating new defenseman Jake Walman into the lineup. 

Jacob MacDonald had the must-see goal of the AHL All-Star Classic. Did you know he had that in his bag of tricks?

"We've seen that," said Binghamton Devils head coach Rick Kowalsky. "He actually has a big bag of tricks. You see that sometimes at practice. They work on these things. He's a creative guy, he's an offensive guy and he's a thinker. He's a smart guy. I give him credit to have the stones to try it in the all-star game, but obviously it worked out and as a result I certainly think it was one of the highlights of the game."

How about Eddie Lack, is he improving with his injury status?

"Yeah," said Kowalsky. "Right now, we are pretty sure if all things stay the course, that he'll be available for Saturday night. Could maybe play (Friday), but don't want to get him in there back-to-back right away. Good chance we will see him Saturday night."

B-Devils get a player from the St. Louis Blues in Jake Walman. Is it more difficult to integrate a player that you're not as familiar with?

"A little bit, but we've been through this before," said Kowalsky. "It's not as common in today's game where they loan players out. He was in Chicago, which is Las Vegas's affiliate, and St. Louis doesn't have an affiliate in the American League, so they are just placing their players. They felt like he wasn't getting enough ice time there, so they gave us a call. We said we certainly have an opportunity for him here. He's an offensive-minded player. He was a third round draft pick. He's got a year under his belt in this league. So we just figured that it's an opportunity to make our team better, and really to do it for free." 

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