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Broome County sees 1,310 flu cases so far

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(WBNG) -- Hundreds of flu cases are impacting our area.  Broome County leaders are providing us with new numbers, as they work to help keep you safe. 

"We have had over 1,300 cases, 1,310," Broome County Public Health Nurse Marianne Yourdon said. "This is concerning, there are a lot of cases, and if you are one of those people who never get a flu shot, this is the year, this is your year."

Leaders say this year we have already passed the total number of cases reported in the past two seasons for Broome County, and it's only February. 

That's why they're pushing for education and prevention. 

"You may have heard the vaccine against the H3N2 the bad strain has maybe only been 30 percent effective, but it will decrease severity and duration of illness, even if you aren't protected completely," Yourdon explained. 

If you haven't gotten the shot this year, you aren't the only one. Broome County Executive Jason Garnar put it off, but he got the shot Monday with the cameras rolling, hoping to send a message that there's still time. 

"I was not that pro-active in doing that, so today I'm getting it," Garnar explained. "I realize it's never too late to get your flu shot, and I'm going to make darn sure I schedule it every fall from now on."

The people looking out for your health have some advice to share as we battle this illness.  

"Stay away from sick people, it sounds obvious but it's smart, wash your hands, if you are sick cover your coughs and sneezes and stay home until you're better," Yourdon said. 

In Tioga County, 223 cases have been reported so far this season, 40 of those just in the last week.  In Chenango County, the number is 243 cases, which leaders say is more than double reported in this time frame for them last year.  In Delaware County, there have been 143 cases reported. 

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