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Trentyn Rupert - 12 Sports Athlete of the Week

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NEWARK VALLEY (WBNG) -- Trentyn Rupert possesses all the attributes of a future Division I football player. The Newark Valley junior has God-given size, paired with an incredible work ethic.

"He's a beast," said Newark Valley senior Alex Woodmansee. "He's just an animal. It's ridiculous."

"His talent level, there's really no ceiling," Newark Valley wrestling head coach Mike Daly added at practice Monday.

Rupert is like most kids his age. He loves playing sports, enjoys a good Hot Pocket and forges strong friendships.

"Playing on the football teams since I was younger," said Rupert. "It's like a family."

And Rupert has "family" inked on his left arm. It's his way of honoring his great-great grandfather who was once a Seneca Indian chief.

"The people that are here and the coaches, they treat you like family," Rupert added.

Simply put, the Cardinal junior is an athletic freak on the football field.

"He works really hard to be where he is," said Woodmansee. "All those [younger] kids look up to him. Literally look up to him."

Rupert towers over just about everyone. He's listed at 6'6", 290 pounds.

The junior offensive and defensive lineman helped lead Newark Valley to its first state title back in 2016.

"Our dream was to win a state title," said Rupert. "Once it happened, and I saw the time run out, I was like, 'We finally did it.'"

Rupert was selected First-Team All-State as a sophomore (2016) and junior (2017).

But the Cardinal also excels on the mat.

Rupert is a three-time IAC Champion and two-time Section IV Champion. He's currently ranked No. 1 in the Section IV heavyweight class.

"From a physical standpoint, six-whatever, 6'6", 6'7", it's intimidating, and it allows him to do some things that other people can't," Daly said describing Rupert's unique abilities on the mat.

This season, the heavyweight is 31-1.

He hasn't lost a Section IV bout since his freshman year.

So, with less than two years left competing at the high school level, two lofty goals still remain for the standout junior.

"I'm hoping for our [football] team to win another state title with me on it, and then hopefully win a state title in wrestling."

Rupert did tell 12 Sports that several Division I football programs have already reached out, highlighting Syracuse and Buffalo as two of the big schools.

There's been no college decision by the junior just yet, adding that his plan is to focus on wrestling and then throw for the track and field team in the spring.

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