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Broome County leaders prepare for snowfall Wednesday

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DICKINSON (WBNG) -- With a significant snowfall expected in the Southern Tier Wednesday, many are keeping a close eye.  That includes leaders at the Broome County Office of Emergency Services and the Sheriff's Office. 

"Our role at this point is information gathering and dissemination to all our partner agencies," Michael Ponticiello, Director of Broome County Emergency Services, said. 

Broome County leaders are ready for whatever snowfall is on its way.  
"We haven't had a lot of cumulative snow like this, but it's also not anything unprecedented for this time of year," Ponticiello said. 

"We'll bring in extra patrols to be out there, probably have at least 10 vehicles, 10 deputies out working," Broome County Sheriff David Harder added. 

Snow is nothing new for the Southern Tier, and past events have helped leaders be prepared. 

"Other events have helped us refine our processes, to help make sure we're more prepared and more nimble with our response," Ponticiello explained. 

Leaders sharing some words of advice, ahead of the snowfall. 

"Residents stay informed, watch local media, watch the weather service information, and see what's going to be occurring tomorrow, and then monitor road conditions," Ponticiello said. 

"If you do travel make sure your cell phone is fully charged and have at least a half a tank of gas. That way if you slide off the road, you can call for help. Don't get out of your vehicle, stay in your vehicle and emergency responders will come and give you a hand," Harder said. 

Adding that your actions can help out first responders and road workers too. 

"People make sure to get your cars off the street, so the plows can do their job, find somebody's driveway or a parking lot nearby that you can get your vehicle into," Harder said. "My advice to people there is unless you have to come out during the day, stay home. That one quart of milk can wait, I'm sure."

The Broome County Department of Public Works' Highway Division is responsible for a big chunk of snow plowing in our area. Leaders there spent the day making sure its 25 trucks are ready for what's to come. 

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