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Inside look at winter weather operations at the Greater Binghamton Airport

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TOWN OF MAINE (WBNG) -- Workers at the Greater Binghamton airport were busy Wednesday clearing snow.

12 News got a look behind the scenes look at the facility's winter weather operations. 

"Oh man! This is a blast doing snow removal up here," Mark Heefner, the Deputy Commissioner of Aviation said. "If it's a long event. It can be a little arduous, but our team is so well-oiled that they make it fun."

Officials at the Greater Binghamton Airport spent the early part of the week preparing for Wednesday's snowfall.

"When we see snow coming like this, we know its gonna be about a 12-hour storm. We get to plan for it," Heefner explained. 

They make sure to cover all aspects of the airport. 

"We have currently four personnel on the air side, which is on the runway, taxiway, stuff like that," Heefner added. "Making sure that our parking lots are clear and its a lot of pavement to kind of keep clean."

Having a crew that works together as a team is crucial to get everything done. 

"Our team is our heartbeat if you will," Heefner said. "Our crew is fantastic, so they know their limits. We have a good mix of experience and youth with our team." 

A lot of hard work and big machinery, going into moving all that snow out of the way. 

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